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A Petal Among Thorns [Ch.4] [Lockheart][Español]


A Petal Among Thorns asks the question of whether you can indulge in the forbidden fruit without falling prey to the consequences of surrendering to something considers to be taboo.

You’re a middle-aged man on a winter retreat with your daughter Petal after your failed comedy tour. A relaxing vacation soon presents new feelings of lust towards her. As she begins to show affection towards you in a more sexual manor, you begin to give in to her.

Can you find harmony in a physical relationship with your daughter or will complications arise to challenge your new bond with her?

Updated:  2021-11-22

Game/Creator:  2021-11-22


Mod Version:  Chapter 4

Game Version:  Chapter 4

Language: Español





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Written by kt9

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