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Beauty and the Thug [v0.0.7c] [Ze-gam-eZ][Español]

By the time she was eighteen, our heroine knew everything about her future. She was the best student in her high school and knew anatomy and physiology like the back of her hand. Being a doctor was her dream, her passion. But life is shit, and everything changed in one moment.

She is now nineteen and had to grow up quickly this past year. She needed a change and has decided to move to the city. She has to get rid of her childish dreams and become smart and strong. However, these changes cause her to delve deeper into various fetishes – the kinkier, the better.
Will she suppress her dark side or accept herself for who she is?
Will she meet her love or restore her old bonds?
What fetishes will she develop?
Will she become a shameless exhibitionist? An extreme bondage lover? Will she be strictly anal only? Everything depends on your choices.

Updated:  2021-11-20

Game/Creator:  Ze-gam-eZ Patreon – SubscribeStar – Discord


Mod Version:  0.0.7c

Game Version:  0.0.7c

Language: Español


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Written by kt9

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