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Lust and Vengeance [Ch.1 v0.1] [ZenVisualsGAMES][Español]

Lust and Vengeance 
is a visual novel filled with mysterylovefriendshipbetrayal and sexlots of sex. You play as 28 year old businessman and father. At the age of 18 you founded a social networking platform which you later sold for a large sum of money. You decided to use that money for the betterment of the world, so after years of hard work you have developed a technology capable of ending all disease and changing the world. But there are people who do not wish to see the world change, people who benefit from the suffering of others and they decided to stop you. They took your life away and threw you in a cell, now you must set yourself free, you must take your life back, you must exact Vengeance.

Updated: 2021-10-15
Game/Creator: ZenVisualsGAMES
Mod Version: 0.1
Game Version: 0.1
Language: Español


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