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Savior [v0.8e] [Purple Fellas][Español]

In Savior, you take on the role of a man who was genetically engineered by his scientist parents due to infertility. However, our hero hides a big secret inside of his genetic code.
With the world in great peril, it is up to our hero to discover the secrets hidden within his blood and awaken the great potential lying dormant within.
Along the way, our hero will encounter many hot new… acquaintences. Will they be friends or foes? Will they do battle, or will they be doing each other from dusk until dawn? The choice is yours! Be sure to choose wisely, because you are…The savior.​

Updated: 2021-10-31
Game/Creator: Purple Fellas Patreon – Discord – – F95zone
Mod Version: 0.8e
Game Version: 0.8e
Language: Español


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