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The Edge Of [v1.0] [Hangover Cat Purrroduction][Español]

Coming back home after week-long business trip (convention), Sam can’t help but sense that something isn’t quite right the moment he set foot inside his house. Is it the fact that his newlywed wife was sleeping in the afternoon rather than waiting impatiently for his return? Or is it because she was rather evasive the moment he questioned her about it? Or maybe it is simply his weary mind playing tricks on him? The latter seems like the most compelling answer, or so he thought, but as he finds himself gazing at a selfie his wife sent him during his business trip–a selfie in her lingerie– he notices something he didn’t catch when he first received it; the presence of three inconspicuous fingertips peeking at the edge of the frame.​

Updated: 2021-10-26
Game/Creator: Hangover Cat Purrroduction Patreon – Twitter – Steam
Mod Version: 1.0
Game Version: 1.0


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Written by kt9

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